Nestle Milo – The CAREton Project

Nestle Milo – The CAREton Project

The name ‘CAREton’ is a combination of the word ‘CARE’ and ‘CARTON’. The CAREton Project is a Used Beverage Cartons recycling campaign by MILO® UHT and Tetra Pak that transforms drink packs into ‘green’ roofing tiles and panel boards for those in need. It aims to raise awareness on recycling and how it benefits the environment as well as the communities around them.



The CAREton Project was launched in 2012, with the aim of building on Tetra Pak Malaysia’s existing work to promote recycling in partnership with Nestlé. While the initial campaign focused on the environmental benefits, CAREton shows how recycling can help local communities too.


In its first year, CAREton provided 10,000 exercise books and 100 pieces of school furniture made from recycled cartons to an educational organization supporting poor children in Malaysia’s cities. In 2013, it delivered 460 sections of recycled PolyAl roofing material, enough for 10 new houses, to EPIC Homes, a social enterprise that provides rural housing for indigenous Orang Asli people.




Usually, such projects would have a 12-month lifespan. But the partnership with EPIC Homes proved such a success that the team chose to continue working with them throughout 2014. The goal was to collect 5 million used beverage cartons, creating enough roof tiles for 15 new homes. In fact, 7.2 million cartons were collected, enabling them to donate almost 1000 roofing tiles, enough for 20 new homes.


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