Online Food Delivery Platform at the 4th Taobao Maker Festival

Online Food Delivery Platform at the 4th Taobao Maker Festival

BASF’s biopolymer ecovio® supports online food delivery platform at the 4th Taobao Maker Festival

  • Paper bowls and cups coated with ecovio® PS 1606 can resist oil and temperature up to 100°C, ensuring the food inside remains safe
  • Certified compostable food containers made of ecovio will facilitate segregated organic waste collection and composting in the future


Hangzhou, China – September 12, 2019 – At the 4th Taobao Maker Festival September 12 – 25, 2019,, Alibaba’s food delivery platform, will serve food and drinks in paper bowls and cups coated with a thin layer of BASF’s certified compostable ecovio® PS 1606. In the future, these bowls and cups can be composted together with separately collected food waste in industrial composting plants. The resulting compost provides Chinese agricultural soil with valuable nutrients and helps fight soil erosion.

China online food delivery market was worth US$ 35.9 Billion in 2018

The country currently represents the world’s biggest online food delivery market. China’s strong economic growth, changing lifestyles and increasing penetration of internet and smartphones are some of the key drivers of this market. Moreover, China’s large young population, who constitutes the majority of the consumer base has further facilitated this growth. Urban dwellers, who lead a hectic lifestyle, tend to order food online more frequently than others.

Some of the major online food-delivery companies in China include, Meituan Dianping, ENJOY, Daojia, Home-cook, etc. The market however is mainly dominated by two players Meituan Dianping, supported by the internet giant Tencent, and, backed by Alibaba.

Key players in the country are now focusing on expanding their operations into smaller cities, which have a strong growth potential as they are less developed markets than big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Players are also expanding their product offerings and targeting non-peak eating times such as afternoon tea or late-night snacks.



Alibaba Food Delivery Platform Goes Bioplastics



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