BioPlastic is a large family of different materials, with different properties and applications. According to European BioPlastics, a plastic material is defined as a BioPlastic if it is Either bio-based, bio-degradable or both.

Bio-based means that the material or product is (partly) derived from biomass (mostly plants). In this case, it can helps on increasing resource efficiency, reducction of carbon footprint and GHG emissions, and saving fossil resources.

Bio-degradable means that material is able to undergo a chemical process whereby the microorganisms in the environment will convert the material into water, carbon dioxide and compost. The process is crucially depends on the surrounding conditions (temperature, moisture), as well as the product design (thickness) and application.

*** Bio-based does not equal Bio-degradable

Application: Disposable catering & tableware, Electronics, Shopping bags & packaging, Sports, Toys, Cloths & fashion, Cosmetic products, Coffee capsules and etc.